What Women Want

1. All women are not created equal. 

Just because the head cheerleader squeals with pleasure when you go down on her doesn't mean the 
co-captain will be equally delighted with your technique. In fact, she may hate the way you 
tongue her. So, stop thinking that just because you've figured out how to make one girl go 
"Oooooh," that you know how to make all girls get off. Every girl is different. Try to be in 
tune with what each girl wants. And if you can't tell by her body language, then ask her. 

-- Senior, New York University 

2. Say something. 

Bedroom communication can be the strongest aphrodisiac. Think about it. Guys don't enjoy having 
sex with a girl who just lies there with her eyes shut, and women don't enjoy being with a guy 
who's just pumping away in his own little world. Pay attention to the girl you are fucking. You 
don't have to quote Shakespeare -- just say something. Tell her how beautiful her body is. Tell 
her you can't believe you're with someone so sexy. Above all, let her know how much she turns 
you on. If you can make her believe that she's the most amazing lay you've ever had, she will 

-- Senior, University of Memphis 

3. Stop getting sex tips from pornos. 

Just because something looks good on camera doesn't mean it feels good to a woman. For instance, 
take that tongue-flicking thing men are always doing in those triple-X movies. Sure, it looks 
cool on camera, but the quick-flick technique doesn't necessarily work in real life. If porn 
flicks showed what it really looks like for a guy to go down on a girl, all you would see is a 
head buried between her legs. Also, the "harder, harder, faster, faster" pumping you see in a 
lot of pornos can be painful for a woman. Take your cues from real women, not porn stars who 
are getting paid to look like they're enjoying the sex. 

-- Senior, University of Florida 

4. Never take sex for granted. 

As soon as college guys get a steady sex partner, they get into a sexual rut. But there's no 
reason why you should stop experimenting or making mad, passionate love to your girlfriend. Get 
out of the bedroom and try something new. Act like you're 16 again and go for it in the 
backseat of your Toyota. It's those crazy sexual experiences that we tend to remember more 
vividly than the ho-hum routine sessions in the bedroom, so keep it fresh. 

-- Junior, USC 

5. Undress seductively. 

In sexual situations, guys rip every thread of clothing from their bodies as if they were on 
fire. This does absolutely nothing to get a girl in the mood. Just as men like to watch women 
remove their clothes, women get turned on watching guys shimmy out of their skivvies. If you 
aren't sure how to do a striptease for a girl, just think s-l-o-w. And think about what you're 
wearing down there. Grungy tighty-whities with stains and holes are a big turn-off. 

-- Grad student, University of Central Florida 

6. Pay attention to more of a girl's body than just her snatch and breasts. 

Touching the back of a girl's neck or giving her a sensual foot massage can be more of a 
turn-on than the usual licking, sucking and titty-twisting. Some women can come just from a guy 
touching various parts of their bodies, in addition to the obvious places. So before you go 
straight for her breasts or cram your hand between her legs, take the time to find the other 
sweet spots on her body. She'll love you for it. 

-- Sophomore, Brown University 

7. Not all women get off during intercourse. 

We hate to break it to you, but you may need more than just your dick to bring a woman to 
orgasm. Statistics show that some women do not experience orgasm through intercourse alone, so 
you're going to have to get creative. While you're fucking, find ways to play with her clit at 
the same time, or encourage her to play with herself. One alternative is to get her off orally 
before you take the plunge. 

-- Senior, University of Florida 

8. Never underestimate the power of a quickie. 

Don't think that you have to turn every sexual encounter into a marathon session. You probably 
have no idea how satisfying a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am moment can be for a girl. Sometimes the 
hottest hanky-panky happens in an empty parking lot, in a closet at a party or in an empty 
classroom. Sure, an hour-long love-making session can be sweet and sensual, but you can satisfy 
carnal cravings between classes, too. 

-- Senior, Rutgers University 

9. Be a cunning linguist. 

There are a few oral sex techniques that every man should learn. Start slowly and torture her 
with long wet licks all over her inner thighs before moving to her clit. Tell her she tastes 
good -- you'll ease her greatest fear and help her relax. Learn where her G-spot is so you can 
massage it while working your tongue magic. To find it, stick your middle finger an inch or two 
inside her vagina, curl it forward in that "come hither" motion and feel for a ridged area. 
Make sure to use firm pressure because this little pleasure button isn't right on the vaginal 
wall -- it's behind it, though you'll feel it through the wall. When she cranks into overdrive 
and starts thrashing around, just go with it and keep doing what you're doing. Just remember, 
the more you please your woman, the more she'll want to please you. 

-- Senior, Yale University 

10. Experiment. 

It's hard to believe that so many guys at so-called "liberal" colleges think sex toys, bondage, 
discipline, sadism and masochism and sex games are weird or taboo. Lighten up! Vanilla is 
great, but why stop there when you can have a scoop of banana chocolate chunk along with it? 
Stop being so uptight about sex and open your mind to new ideas. And realize that just because 
a girl wants to experiment with sex toys, it doesn't mean she finds anything inadequate with 
you or your love handle. 

-- Sophomore, Brown University 

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