**What He Says...What he means**

He says: "I'll call you tomorrow!" 
He means: "Be lucky If I ever call again!"

He says: "I just wanna be friends" 
He means: "Thats the excuse I could think of not 2 go out with u"

He says: "Lets go back to my place"
He means: "Lets get it on!"

He says: "I like those pants!" 
He means: "I wonder how fast I can get them off of u!"

He says: "You look a lot better this year!" 
He means: "Last year you were a dog!" 

He says: "Yea, you look cute, I guess" 
He means: "You are butt ugly!" 

He says: "I like your shirt a lot" 
He means: "I like whats under more!" 

**Keep this in mind next time when he kisses u** 

A kiss on the hand-Ur nice, but no. 

Lips-Ur hot 

A kiss on the cheek-I love you 

Anyhwere else-Um...maybe he loves u a lil 2 much